01/12/20 - Stanley Livingston
(best known for playing "Chip" on "My Three Sons")
adds his name to our growing cast list!
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11/18/19 - Walter Murphy joins our team to compose score!

11/10/19 - Currently in pre-production!

A story about a family being put back together
- rather than torn apart.

December Dilemma - the story of two families coming together for the holidays. Each family - one Methodist and one Jewish - has strong ideas and traditions that they have followed each year. However, this year Christmas and Chanukah happen to be occurring at the same time. How will they deal with their differences? Will they find a common ground and come together as one family? The fun begins when Chanukah and Christmas collide!

This film is for the entire family - young and old. It explores the reasons and importance we put on traditions, symbols, and holiday habits. You will laugh at some of the antics because you will recognize yourself and others you know. This film points out the importance of family and accepting our differences.